Seminars – Presentations

Here are just some of the Seminars that are popular;

Fishing The North Quabbin Area;

is a seminar about the many different waters and fish that are available in the Central Massachusetts area, and will be presented by Guide and Outdoor Writer Allan Butler. From trophy Bass and Lake Trout to fly fishing for rising Rainbows, and the techniques to catch them all will be covered in this informative talk. We will Highlight places like the Quabbin, Wachusett Reservoir, Millers River and many of the smaller, less pressured spots to fish that Central MA has to offer! Even some great areas to take the kids and keep them busy and safe. Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned angler, you will find new places to fish and different techniques to use! Bring a map and a pencil to mark it with, we will be covering a lot of material!

Striped Bass Fishing the North Shore;

Guide and Outdoor Writer Allan Butler will be discussing  many of the locations to fish for, and techniques to catch this great sport fish, the Striped Bass. From Salisbury to Boston with over 100 miles of shoreline, including sandy beaches, tidal creeks, rivers, flats, estuaries and rocky points, we have been gifted with some of the best fishing there is for the Striper! Whether fishing from shore, canoe, kayak, a tin boat or a cabin cruiser, we will be covering places to fish, how to fish for them, best spots for the day or the night, where to put in and best of all; parking! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned angler, you will find new places to fish and different techniques to use. Make sure you bring a map and something to mark it with, we will be covering a lot of information!

Bottom fishing for Groundfish;

Weather it is haddock, cod, pollack or any of the great fish we have off our coast, this seminar will help you put fish in the box! From rods, reels, line and how to get the most from your electronics, we will cover it in this entertaining and informative presentation!

Jigging on the Ice;

The Proactive Approach; See the tricks and techniques that will make jigging for any species more than just something to pass the time between flags. We will also cover electronics and how to get the most out of them! This seminar is best for someone who has done some ice fishing but would like to learn more of this effective technique!

Knot Tying & Rigging;

Fresh or Salt, no matter how strong the line or how sharp the hook, if your connections are not up for the job you won’t be landing the fish of your dreams. We will be starting out with some of the most basic knots and working up to splicing, wind on leaders, and how to use them. Covering, mono, fluorocarbon and super braids.

Using your GPS & Chartplotter;

One of the most powerful tools of the modern fisherman. Learn how they work and how to get the most out of them. We will also be demonstrating the advantages of tying the power of your chartplotter to your PC!

Basic Ice Fishing;

What you need to get going, ice safety, what to wear, what to fish for and the many different ways to spend a fun and successful day on the ice! All will be covered, so get the hot chocolate ready!

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I have fished with Allan on a number of occasions now. He knows fishing. Whether it be instructions for tying a new knot, differences in the various line types, how to locate fish, effective strategies to target fish or providing info on the latest and greatest technological gadgets, Allan is always willing to share his knowledge. I have never been out with him when he did not put me on fish. It seems I learn something new every time I get the opportunity to fish with him. I look forward to my next chance. He provides a quality service. -CS