My go to trout lure

My go to trout lure;

I have used all the different brands out there and keep going back to the Rooster Tails, for one simple reason, the blade will spin at the slowest speed and that is often the key to out fishing everyone around you. Speed of your retrieve is one of the most important triggers to getting a fish to strike (far more important than color) and to be able to slow the retrieve down to a crawl is very often the key. In streams and rivers, the current is often more than enough to keep the blades turning. To be able to do what is called a “Salmon Sweep” (quartering the current) you will find no better spinner. With practice you can even get it to drop back with the current (still spinning) into the face of holding trout… A killer technique!

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I have fished with Allan on a number of occasions now. He knows fishing. Whether it be instructions for tying a new knot, differences in the various line types, how to locate fish, effective strategies to target fish or providing info on the latest and greatest technological gadgets, Allan is always willing to share his knowledge. I have never been out with him when he did not put me on fish. It seems I learn something new every time I get the opportunity to fish with him. I look forward to my next chance. He provides a quality service. -CS