Using Braided Line

Using a Spinning Rod with Braided line (Spectra);

This should help, any time you are using spinning gear with a “Super Braid” do this; when you complete your cast, instead of just turning the handle of the reel to flip the bail. Flick it over by hand and then give the braid a little tug with your fingers. The first few time you do it, it will feel very awkward, but very quickly you will be doing it with out knowing it. The trouble is that braid is so limp that if you use the bail and don’t tug you can end up with a loose wrap that will cause big problems down the road!

One more big advantage of using Braid when jigging deep;

braided-fishing-line-1Besides the lack stretch with braid, the drag created by the line when vertical jigging with mono and to a lesser extent Dacron, is a big factor in “tending bottom” (keeping your jig on or near the bottom). The diameter of the line is a BIG part of using a super braid, the thicker the line the more “resistance” as you drift. You get to fish with a lighter jig with a braid.  Here is a example; with 50lb line the average mono-filaments profile in 200 ft of water is 6″ x 12″, Dacron its 5.6″ x 12″ and braid is only 3.8″ x 12″. The mono is almost the size of a paddle! Stick your hand in the water next time your on a fast drift and you will feel what I am talking about.

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