All Light Lines Guided Trips are guaranteed you catch fish or the next trip is free!

Saltwater on your boat for the day;

For a day long Guided Trip on your boat, I charge $325 and if you get both the guided trip and the “Custom Points” (waypoints) loaded in your GPS with the chart kit, I discount it to $400 for both.


For a day long customized trip for trout, fly fishing or spinning, is $325 for the day.

“Discovery Trips”;

The way I most often do “Discovery Tours” is we meet and I ride in your vehicle (to keep the lawyers happy). It can be just yourself ($325) or up to 4 people, including myself ($400). Most often we find some place for lunch on the road. The day is customized your personal interests, fresh or saltwater and areas that you want to cover.

A “Half and Half Discovery Tour” is the same price; $325. For a single angler and $400 for 2, besides myself. All trips are guaranteed that you will catch fish (or the next trip is free) and I do not touch a rod, other than for instruction…

“Custom Points”;

I charge $125. a region that includes the loading and the chart kit. If you have both regions loaded at the same time they are discounted to $200.

Please contact me with any questions. All my trips are set up for your interest and needs. If you have any special requests, types or styles of fishing you want to learn or places to fish, please let me know!

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I have fished with Allan on a number of occasions now. He knows fishing. Whether it be instructions for tying a new knot, differences in the various line types, how to locate fish, effective strategies to target fish or providing info on the latest and greatest technological gadgets, Allan is always willing to share his knowledge. I have never been out with him when he did not put me on fish. It seems I learn something new every time I get the opportunity to fish with him. I look forward to my next chance. He provides a quality service. -CS