Knots that I use:

biminitwist2I have been using the Palomar knot  for almost 3 decades, that or a bimmini twist with my mono or fluorocarbon. If I am fishing spectra line I use a Bimmini, a double Palomar or a wind on leader. I built a knot testing machine years ago and broke countless knots with it and the Palomar came out on top. There were a number of knots that would test as strong but not as consistently. When I would do seminars on knot tying with groups and shows I would have other fisherman trying their favorite knots and it would prove out the same.

I always wanted to make sure that it was not just my technique, but theknots. After tying IGFA fly fishing leader for guy casting to Sail Fish and Tarpon I never wanted anyone to come back from an expensive trip mad at me because my knots failed. One more note; sometimes you just can’t use a Palomar, then I use an INPROVED Clinch, if it is not improved it only runs around 75% strength…

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I have fished with Allan on a number of occasions now. He knows fishing. Whether it be instructions for tying a new knot, differences in the various line types, how to locate fish, effective strategies to target fish or providing info on the latest and greatest technological gadgets, Allan is always willing to share his knowledge. I have never been out with him when he did not put me on fish. It seems I learn something new every time I get the opportunity to fish with him. I look forward to my next chance. He provides a quality service. -CS